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Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings

Escape the busyness of your day and find solace in an enchanting Tea Garden where our gourmet teas and healthy herbal infusions soothe your mind and nurture body with every sip.

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shop the Tea Room

Shop our carefully curated selection of teas and tea ware, home and garden décor and eclectic gifts.  Soak up some fresh air on our vibrant patios where all the beautiful fresh flowers, live plants and decorative potted plant arrangements are also for sale.

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Tea Service

Relax in our charming Tea Garden and savor lovingly prepared offerings such as traditional teas, handcrafted herbal infusions, locally baked pastries, petit sandwiches and tempting snacks.


“I like the pause that tea allows”

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Treat your guests to tea…

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